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About Susan Satori & The Sensory Life

Founder of the Sensory Therapeutic Arts & Sensory Therapy Natural Intelligence Founder & Facilitator Licensed Massage Therapist Trans-dimensional Massage Therapist (TMT) Reiki Master & Spiritual Counselor


Susan Satori (also known as Suki) first developed her unique brand of healing while living in LA in the 1990's, by providing on-set massage on the Warner Bros., Universal and Walt Disney Studio lots. She is the founder and pioneer of Sensory Therapy (ST) and the Sensory Therapeutic Arts. Graduating with a BA degree in Visual Art/Media from UC San Diego in 1989, Suki began working in the production side of the film industry in LA. But it was a singing gig in Japan in 1994 that lead her to a life-changing trek to the top of Mt. Fuji where, in meditation, she was given her life's purpose as a "Sensory Therapist." Upon her return to the states, she exited the entertainment industry and dove head-long into all things sensory... by going to massage school and studying aromatherapy, color and light therapies, sound healing and energy work, namely Reiki. Everyone was becoming a "Reiki Master" in southern California the 90's it seemed, but for Suki, it was a natural fit.

Suki's method has taken her to Asia, the UK and the Golden Door Spa, where she has taught classes to an international and celebrity clientele. Today, The Sensory Life is a nearly twenty year body-mind practice that focuses on facilitating soul-stirring experiences that awaken our inherent natural intelligence (genius), while offering exceptional spiritual counseling services. While her massage is arguably the best in town, her "Soulage" (soul massage) is not to be missed! Nestled into a private community called Whispering Palms in Rancho Santa Fe, CA (in north San Diego county) it is Suki's great honor to provide the very best in massage and body-mind modalities, guaranteed. :-))

Suki's Journey

While our Path to an empowered life can have its challenges… the the rewards can be tremendous!

Our Power is Inside Our Pain

Sometimes it's important to share the hard things in life that have shaped us. For me, a lifetime of health challenges have aided my personal sojourn through the healing arts... and I have come to respect pain and illness as powerful teachers. Culminating in stage 4 non-Hogkins Lymphoma in 2005, I came face to face with my divided Self... the parts of me in resistance to my wholeness. But it is our power that is INSIDE our pain! Our authentic power is never far from us, ever! So I learned how to Receive myself... in Love... and to accept All of me. It is the simple Acceptance of this duality in myself, in others and in life that continues to lead me to an experience with Oneness with All Life, the Cosmos, and the revelation of my own wholeness and holiness within. Each of us is innocent and worthy of God's Love here and now! It is the simple recognition of our wholeness and holiness within that finally takes us Home.