Whispering Springs Massage Therapy

The Omega Massage

The ultimate massage experience awaits! A palette of aromas envelop your senses as this basic massage is anything but ordinary. Various modalities of swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, acupressure, lomi-lomi, reiki and reflexology combine to suit your specific needs, while a peppermint scalp massage tops of this extraordinary session, leaving you deeply relaxed, refreshed and uplifted.

Soulage (Soul Massage)

The Sensory Life’s trademark treatment incorporates an Omega massage utilizing our sensory tools of aroma, color, sound healing and Reiki with the added flavor of guided imagery and Suki’s signature soul song if requested. Breathe the openness of blue sky through your entire body or find yourself walking through an emerald green forest, bathing in nourishing energies and aromas while receiving an extraordinary massage. Step into the twenty-second century with this futuristic therapeutic treatment… it’s out of this world!


An array of pure, essential oils envelope your senses while the body’s tensions are masterfully massaged away. Includes guided imagery if requested.


A delicious, heartfelt hour of aromatherapy and Reiki. Give your cells a vibrational boost they’ll remember!

The Energizer

This full-body sports massage utilizes oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, basil, birch, orange, lemon and lavender to relax sore muscles, refresh the senses and stimulate circulation.


A healing session like no other, this “treat”ment includes your choice of 60, 75 or 90 minutes of reflexology and energywork on the hands, feet, face and scalp only. Includes a rich array of aromatherapeutic oils to bathe your mind in. This session is a treat beyond belief!

Prema Shakti Massage

In Sanscrit, “prema” means love and “shakti” means energy. As the creator and founder of this modality of healing, this session is a “Love Energy” fest like no other! While remaining completely non-sexual, this treatment focuses on opening the body’s energy centers and channels (meridians and chakras) to experiencing greater and greater levels of ecstatic bliss!! So while your sore muscles are masterfully massaged away, you are being Deeply Loved… from a Higher place. And in the presence of this Love, we feel safe. Give yourself the Gift of appreciation and Oneness with Source that you’re really longing for….. and start enjoying the benefits of a Prema Shakti massage today.

The Cellular Symphony

A sound healing session where various forms of music, including ambient/atmospheric, classical, Gregorian or Buddhist chanting, or space sounds are sent directly into the body to relieve muscular pain and create deep relaxation on a cellular level. Includes delicious aromas to inhale. Especially excellent for chronic back pain. This level of vibration creates a beta-theta brain wave state of consciousness so you’ll want to get grounded before you leave!